Sugar Hair Removal

Sugar Hair Removal

The earliest references to Sugaring come from Egyptian Hieroglyphics that describe how slave girls serving Pharaoh were expected to remove all body hair. Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and was developed by the ancient Egyptians.

A paste was made by boiling sugar, lemon and water and this ball was used to remove the hair. The ball (or paste) sugaring is still used as a form of hair removal but in many cases has been superseded by the Sugaring Gel or Strip Sugaring techniques.

Phâro Manuka Sugaring Gel formula contains skin enhancers with Manuka honey, kiwifruit, Aloe Vera and lemon juice. Manuka honey is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins with antibacterial properties to protect and heal sensitive skin. The sugaring gel has a captivating sweet aroma of Manuka honey, adding a new dimension to the hair removal experience, while delivering superior results.

The gel is free from solvents and harsh additives and is made from natural ingredients for natural beauty. It is water soluble, washing off easily with warm water and eliminating the need for expensive post-waxing solvents. It adheres strongly to hair, but NOT skin, resulting in significantly less discomfort than waxing.

For more information about sugaring vs waxing check out our table comparison here.

Sugar Hair Removal Menu

Upper Lip / $20

Chin / $20

Bikini / $43

Extended Bikini / $55

Brazilian / Hollywood / $75

Underarms / $35

Half Arm / $40

Full Arm / $53

Half Leg / $53

Thigh / $60

Full Leg / $85

Full Leg Inc Bikini / $100

IPL Hair Removal Menu

If you want to be hair free with minimal fuss, the solution is IPL Hair Removal. IPL gives up to 80% reduction in hair growth, it is NOT permanent hair removal. You will need at least a minimum of 6 sessions to achieve optimum results. Ongoing top-ups are advised to keep up with your results. This procedure is best done on dark hair and fair skin, therefore is ideally done in the winter months.

Consultation / $50

Upper Lip / $40

Chin / $40

1/2 Face / $100

Bikini / $99

French Bikini / $139

Brazillian / $150

Underarm / $89

Lower 1/2 Leg / $179

Upper 1/2 Leg / $199

Tummy Trial / $55

1/2 Arm / $129

Full Arm / $199

Full Leg / $320