LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy


LED Light Therapy is one of the world’s leading and innovative pieces of machinery. The light is used to aid in correcting skin disorders and enhance your skin’s beauty.

LED can be a course of treatment or included in a treatment to enhance the results.

What is LED?

LED is a Light Emitting Diode that penetrates to the cellular level of the skin. It is a non invasive, safe treatment, and is very relaxing. The light helps to oxygenate your skin cells and help improve cell to cell communication thus improving every aspect of the skin.

What are the benefits?

Light therapy works to stimulate skins natural production of collagen helping to plump fine lines over time. LightStim works at such a deep level to revitalise the skin and heal many skin conditions. The result is a plumper, smoother more radiant skin.

Skin disorders such as acne, eczema and rosacea respond extremely well to LED.

This is a quick and easy treatment that takes minimal time, perfect for people with busy lives. You will leave feeling relaxed and the skin will be well energised and have a glow in just 20mins.

LED Therapy Room

 20 minute treatment includes Cleanse, Face Tonic, LightStim, SPF30.

To book this treatment please contact the clinic.

10 sessions for only / $200

One off session / $25

Add-on to a facial / $30