Skincare Essentials


If you want to achieve good results with your skin, 80% is down to what you do at home. Having a good skincare regime is essential to getting that healthy glow.

You want to use products that a free of emulsifiers, perfumes, silicones, mineral oils, amines and preservatives to help you get faster results without any skin irritations.

Our skincare product brands have been chosen carefully to help you achieve these results. If you have good barrier function in your skin then you will be less likely to have skin problems.

Janesce and Dermaviduals are skincare products that help to achieve this.


Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your regime and it is important to make sure you are using the right cleanser for your skin.

Firstly is removes any make up from the day, dirt, grim and sweat.

Only use cleansing foam if you have a true oily skin otherwise Dermaviduals cleansing milk is advisable for morning and night. You only need 1-2 pumps of cleanser, massage into the skin and around the eyes on wet skin. Remove with a wet muslin cloth. If you have worn a lot of make-up that day you may need to cleanse your skin twice.

Herbal Concentrate / Tailor Made Serum

To target the lower cells of the skin, a concentrate or tailor made serum is needed. If you are having certain concerns with your skin, one of these will need to be customised and prescribed for you by your therapist.

You only need a small amount and apply it to your skin after your mist or tonic and before moisturiser. These are normally very strong so don’t use too much.


Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of your skincare plan. Sunscreen must be used every single day. I believe that, by doing so you are protecting yourself from any chance of skin cancers and skin pigments. Not only does it protect you from that, but if your skin is sun damaged it also becomes weak therefore skin problems are more likely to happen!

We have amazing sunscreen options with Janesce Sun-Care LotionDermaviduals SPF30 and Dermaviduals SPF15. Apply everyday after your moisturiser and before your makeup.

Eye Gel / Cream

The skin in your eye area is more delicate so it needs a specific gel/cream in order to achieve results.

The Dermaviduals Eye Gel Plus is my favourite as it works on dark circles, wrinkles and can also be used as a mask at night on the whole face. Eye gel/cream needs to be applied around the eye area, but not on the lids, morning and night.


Soaking your skin is a fabulous way to hydrate the top layers of your skin. These top layers cannot be hydrated by drinking water so it is important to soak your skin with water topically.

Fill your sink with lukewarm water, you can also use Janesce soaking drops in your water (2-3 drops). Using a soft muslin cloth, immerse the cloth in the water, squeeze any excess water from the cloth but still have it nice and wet, and press the water from your cloth into your skin. Repeat x 3 for this process to be effective.

Mist / Tonic

I don’t believe in toning the skin, instead we use active tonics and hydrating mists that infuse into the skin.

Dermaviduals have corrective tonics and Janesce have hydrating mists. The one that will suit you depends on your skin and what you are wanting to achieve.

Both tonics and mists are either sprayed directly onto the skin after soaking or sprayed into your fingers tips and pressed into the skin.


Your moisturiser is a skincare essential that is designed to help with your skins natural barrier function, help with ageing, and create overall good skin health. Your moisturiser needs to be applied both morning and night.

Janesce Nourishing Skin Reviver is a fantastic moisturiser for maintaining good skin health and adding hydration. If you need a specific moisturiser it is advised to have a home care consultation so that your moisturiser can be tailored to your specific needs.




The main purpose for exfoliating is to desquamate dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin. You do not need to do this too often, only once a week is quite sufficient.

The Janesce Enzyme Peel is fantastic for this, it gently uses pineapple and papaya enzymes to exfoliate the skin instead of granules.


Dermal Home Rollering

Home rollering is designed to help increase the penetration of your homecare products to achieve fast and better results. It also helps the stimulation of producing more collagen to the skin.

If rollering is required for you, it’s best to consult your therapist. You need to be very careful which products you use with home rollering.

You can buy a home roller from our online shop.


Dermal nutrition is a major part of your skin homecare. Just about everybody should use Bestow Beauty Oil in their homecare regime. Beauty Oil and Beauty Oil Plus by Bestow is your internal moisturiser to the skin. Bestow and Janesce supply us with the best supplements designed specifically for the health of your skin.

Anyone with skin conditions needs to consult with your therapist as to the best supplements for your condition.


“They say a picture speaks 1000 words…. my before and after photos can say 10,000 words!

I sent out an urgent SMS (save my skin) to Jemma in March 2016. I was fed up with my skin and felt I was stuck with no help, doctors prescribed drugs and specialists but I didn’t want to go down that path, I was more interested in a healthier natural way to fix my skin.

After a few emails and phone calls with Jemma I was on the Skin Health Studio journey. Within 1 week I had all the supplies I needed and began the “Bestow 7 Days of Me Cleanse”. I noticed a difference within days! Noticing a change so quickly motivated me even more to be strict and stay on the cleanse for a few months.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy and it does take time and a lot of patience but the results are 100% worth it!

I am still following Jemma’s routine 6 months on and the results are just getting better and better, so many people are commenting on the healthy look and glow of my skin.

Jemma is such a beautiful person both inside and out! I would highly recommend Jemma and the Skin Health Studio for anyone looking to start to their journey to healthy beautiful skin.”